Our Approach

Our approach is simple, bold, and authentic.

Phase One: Discovery

We believe there is not a one-size-fits-all for leadership development and transformation. We start by drawing meaningful insights from data to uncover your organization’s narrative and vision for change. Our first phase is used to chart the journey, not define the destination.

Phase Two: Design and Execution

We co-create customized programs or labs to address your unique organizational and leadership challenges through within the context of today’s social, political, and economic climate.

Phase Three: Measure and Impact

Grounded in Intersectionality, we use data to tell a story that provides a holistic and in-depth assessment of business sustainability and its impact on the organization, people, and culture.

What We Do:

Align sustainability, equity, and market strategies

“It’s confusing and hard to keep up. It seems every day there’s a new name in front of leadership.”
Senior Leader, Diversity and Inclusion Lab Conference Board Conference 2016)


Address human needs and the social pain that results from exclusion

“I feel scared, anxious, lonely. I’m afraid I will say the wrong thing and end up on CNN with some ‘ist’ label—like racist or sexist— under my name.”
CEO, renewable energy company


Design Leadership Lab experiences that address today’s complex business dilemmas

“I’m not looking for a safe place to discuss these issues—instead I need a brave space where I can just “be.”
Senior executive, entertainment industry

“Mercedes was able to deliver a compelling blend of authentic and loving truth-telling to create a complete shift in several of our people, including some of our executives.”


“We lovingly refer to her as the ‘bruja’….she holds the group together like magic.”


Let’s Make a Difference