Association of Corporate Executive Coaches

The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches is a private international membership-based association for mastery level corporate executive coaches who coach the top tier of 90% of organizations listed as Fortune 1000 companies.  Mercedes Martin serves as a member of ACEC’s G-3 Executive Administrative Team.

The Centre for Global Inclusion

The mission of the Centre for Global Inclusion is to serve as a resource for research and education for individuals and organizations in their quest to improve diversity and inclusion practices around the world. The Centre is also the home of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World (the GDIB), which helps organizations determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion.

Global Institute of Organizational Development Network

The Global Institute of Organizational Development Network (GIODN) provide opportunities for OD Professionals to meet virtually, develop relationships, gain continuous education, provide career opportunities, share information, present research, network, and learn advanced OD applications.  GIODN’s mission is to promote the field of OD throughout the world through education, networking, and collaboration.

How Women Lead

Mercedes Martin is an advisory board member for How Women Lead, A Bay Area Women Leader’s Network, that is a champion for promoting diverse women’s voices and propelling leadership forward. How Women Lead brings together influential women in an inclusive and highly supportive community to provide a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and sharing resources and stories.

Institute of Organization Development

Formed in 2002, The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) is a privately held organization providing OD educational services and consultation. We are dedicated to developing people and helping organizations grow. Our purpose is to support the professional growth of those interested in careers in the field of OD by helping them gain relevant knowledge and expertise. Through our globally recognized, award-winning online certification programs, we continue this mission to provide participants with opportunities to excel in their roles as OD professionals.

International Society of Sustainability Professionals

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the world’s leading professional association of sustainability professionals. We work to make sustainability standard practice through empowering professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities around the globe. As a professional association, ISSP improves the skills of sustainability practitioners through ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification, education, knowledge sharing, research, and professional credentials.

Meeco Leadership Development Institute

The Meeco Leadership Development Institute is an inclusive community of organizations collected across the globe around shared interests and deep dedication to using a futurist mindset to tackle the world’s biggest challenges related to the management of talent.


Our network partner for Work-to-Learn Experiences, Waggl is a dynamic pulsing platform that enables focused communication on enterprise topics like culture, events, change, strategy, and talent. Waggl is designed to elevate the authentic experience of people and deliver the analytics leaders need. We use their technology to accelerate the human experience by allowing confidential responses in real time about social pain.