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Mercedes Martin will be presenting at the following events and webinars:

November 2018

Florida International University, International Business Honor Society

Miami, Florida

Past Presentations

Cambridge University Sustainable Leadership Lab – Cambridge, UK

Conference Board Conference on Diversity and Inclusion – San Francisco, CA

D2K 2018: 25th Anniversary – San Juan Bautista, CA

Executive Core: American Express Sol (Spanish Network)

How Women Give and How Women Lead – San Francisco, CA

Institute of Organizational Development – Fort Myers, FL

Institute of Organizational Development – Kingston, Jamaica

MEECO Conference – Denver, CO

Sustainable Lab Conference: Creating the Good Life – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (sponsored by LinkedIn)  – San Francisco, CA

The Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks – New York City, NY

Trust Matters; Women’s Forum and Diversity Best Practices – San Francisco, CA