We envision a socially sustainable world where organizations and their leaders foster inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.


Our mission is to develop leaders and organizations to effectively navigate and address the complex dilemmas in today’s business environment.

How we do it:

Our customized leadership labs provide brave and safe spaces for leaders and their teams to build their curiosity, courage, and commitment to address societal and human needs. In addition, we provide executive coaching and advising to  organizations and their leaders to build high-performing, inclusive teams.

Our guiding principles:

  • We adopt an intersectional lens to our work to acknowledge how leaders and teams do not live single-issue lives.
  • We customize our approach to address the unique challenges and opportunities of each client.
  • We believe creating workplaces where everyone is seen, heard, and connected are critical for fostering inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.
  • We focus on equipping leaders with skills, tools, and mindsets to effectively navigate today’s business world.
  • We embrace a triple bottom line framework that emphasizes the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of organizations.

Why Now?

The Current Model is Not Sustainable.

Organizations currently spend more than $365 billion on leadership development worldwide. Yet, leaders still feel unprepared to address today’s complex business challenges.  In fact, our most recent research—where we interviewed 22 leaders across 16 industries in 5 countries—validated these findings.  We learned that leaders are concerned that they lack the tools and skills to navigate the increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in today’s business world.

Existing leadership programs, frameworks, and tools no longer provide what leaders need to keep pace in the midst of today’s constant and extreme change. As a result, leaders have no clear roadmap for addressing complex business dilemmas. Focusing on financial profits is no longer enough for organizations to thrive in the long-term.  A 2016 PwC study found that 76% of leaders realize that business success extends beyond increasing financial profits.

At Mercedes Martin & Company, we guide leaders to build their curiosity, courage, and commitment to address human and societal needs. We support organizations to cultivate inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.  Moreover, we help organizations adopt a triple bottom line approach so can be economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.  

We have extensive experience in the areas of business strategy, leadership development, executive coaching, equity and inclusion, and organizational change management.

Let us transform your social pains into sustainable gains.

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